Fish for Kids

“Give a man a fish and feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime".


Fish for Kids has been a success due to the many amazing community volunteers. There are many different stations that volunteers help out with including the casting contest, fish identification game, knot tying and slip bobber lessons, minnow races, and helping kids go fishing from shore.

Would you like to volunteer at a Fish for Kids event?

Receive a free volunteer t-shirt and lunch! Fishing experience is a plus, but even if you have never gone fishing before Fish for Kids could use the help!

Please email to volunteer at the next Fish for Kids event!!


Theresa Goebel, owner of Theresa's Voice and Acting Studio ( helps out with the kids and catches a SHOE!


Andy Menting teaches Sam Baierl how to put a slip bobber on.


Larry Goebel, owner of Goebel Planning Group Insurance (, helps a kid catch a monster fish at the 2008 Fish for Kids event in Fond du Lac.




Fish for Kids Volunteers

- Federated Insurance

- Oshkosh Bassmasters

- Oshkosh Rotaract

- Wisconsin DNR

- Calumet County DNR officials

Tony Goebel                                   Larry Goebel

Kyle Goebel                                    Lyle Goebel       

Noah Goebel                               Abby Schultz

Dave Westphal                              Jordan Daun

Justin Spettel                                  Judy Goebel

Brenton Colton                              Jody Goebel

Adam Trantow      Tammy Weber

Andy Menting                               Jennifer Steltenpohl

Theresa Goebel       Gail Trochinski  

Cliff Pickart                                    Tom Trochinski

Jeff Kotnik                                       Tammy Weber                               

Steve Scott                                      Chris Wenzel

Evan Armstrong                             Mary Scott

Kyle Armstrong                              Jason Stahman

Andy Fox                                         Catanya Curry

Tyler Pausma                                 Andrew Hunt

Josh Thorton                                  Sarah Scott

Kelly Triatik                                   Kyle Svetlik

Kyle Braatz                                    Jason Kaufman

Ted Noedel                                    Ryan Morrissey

Marsha Blank                                 Josh Blank

Jeff Blank                                       Adam Ford 

           Tammy Weber

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